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Robert B. Reed, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics, Dallas, TX
1999 - 2011

Courses Taught
  1999-2003: Chair, Language Development Department
  AL4303 Principles of Phonological Analysis
AL5190 Thesis Writing
AL5304 Applied Phonology (classroom and online)
AL5314 Culture, Language and Mind
AL5396 Conference Course in Applied Linguistics
LD5151 Cross Cultural Teaching Seminar
LD5190 Thesis Writing
LD5341 Social Science Research Design & Methods
LD5349 Readings in Literacy: Adult Education
LD5387 Training Across Cultures
LD5393 Readings in Language Development
LD5395 Special Topics in Language Development
LD5397 Conference Course in Language Development
Guest Lecturer
LD5339 Research Methods for Performing Arts Visual Communication
LD5357 Oral Tradition and Literature Visual Storytelling
LD5384 Expressive Form Analysis Visual Communication
LD5934 Literacy Megacourse Adult Education
M.A. Thesis Committees:
Griffis, Michael Paul.
2007. An Examination of Criteria for the Allocation of Human Resources to Missiological and Language Development Projects.
Chen, Christina Lynn.
2003. The CREATE method: Participatory literacy for adult learners.
Thar, Robert.
2008. Juxtaposed sequential images with text: A comparative study in comprehension between comics and text.
Hatcher, Robert Timothy.
2007. Towards culturally sppropriate adult education methodologies for the Central Asian context: A comparison of Central Asian and Western educational practices.
Huttar, Lars Andrew.
2003. Constituent charting for discourse analysis: Information model and presentation model.
Albright, Eric Scott.
2001. Design of an electronic method for describing writing systems.
Distance Education
Web Design
2005-2011: LMS administrator (MOODLE)
2003-2006: Teach online: AL5304 Applied Phonology
1999-2011: Course designer, consultant, and trainer
1999-2011: Web design (Webmaster)
Research and Instructional Activities
Online course development
Adult education and educational leadership
Communication: Intercultural communication and training
Writing textbook on adult education and intercultural training
Institutional Service Academic Affairs Committee
Computer Advisory Committee
Distance Education research and promotion
Language Development Dept. Comprehensive Exam Coordinator
Library Committee
Homecoming Committee
Institutional Effectiveness Committee
Quality Enhancement Plan Committee
Faculty Representative on GIAL Board of Trustees
Consulting Linguistics, adult education, distance education, computer apps

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