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Robert B. Reed, Ph.D.

Adjunct Instructor in Communication

Spring Arbor University, Spring Arbor, MI, 2006-2010

Courses Taught
2008-2009   COM 530: The Church in Cyberspace (taught online)
2006-2008   COM 650: Visual Communication (created and taught online)
2006-2009   COM 652: Web Publishing (created and taught online)
2009-2010   COM 692: Research Methods  Comm II (created and taught online)
2008-2009   COM 698: Portfolio/Thesis Writing (created and taught online)
2007            ORM 532: Design Princ. for Business Applications (taught online)

M.A. Thesis /
Portfolio Committees:
Devine, Julie.
2009. Sharing symbolic meaning and context in traditional Christian churches: Why Christian symbols must be translated in order to pass down the faith.
Ellis, Lynelle.
2009. A rhetorical analysis of the film Facing the Giants: Using narrative for ministry to the postmodern mind.
Norman, Joanne.
2009. Communicating divorce to children before, during, and after the divorce.
Palmer, Amy.
2009. Creation of a county-wide leadership program for young professionals with a focus on generational communication.
Thornton, Elizabeth.
2009. Introduction to communication theory: A courseprepared for online learning
Wells, Stewart Wayne.
2009. Discovering the interpersonal and organizational communication theories which impact a curriculum committee's effective decision making process to make a change to a productive broadcasting curriculum.
Mills, Rogelio.
2008. A proposal for a required high school academic cross cultural communication course.
M.A. Thesis /
Portfolio Committees:
Hallead, Lindsay.
2009. Content Analysis of Wal-Mart Advertising.
Norman, Joanne.
2009. Communicating Divorce to Children Before, During, and After the Divorce.
Palmer, Amy.
2009. Creation of a County-wide Leadership Program for Young Professionals with a focus on Generational Communication.
Thornton, Elizabeth.
2009. Introduction to Communication Theory: A Course Prepared for Online Learning.
Overy, Charles.
2008. Designing a Practical Communication Audit for Urban Christian Ministries.
Mokrycki, Darlene.
2007. Proposal for the Selection, Purchase, and Implementation of a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) for a Medium-sized Materials Research and Development Facility.
Rich, Jennifer.
2007. Parent-Child perception and use of idioms as a relational maintenance strategy


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